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A bloody good mascot

Pinnacle Fresh are importers and exporters of delicious fresh produce, helping their customers merchandise in season produce all-year-round by fulfilling the supply gap. They saw an opportunity to supply the US with fresh citrus during their off season and targeted blood oranges, a product that is high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, to a health crazed market that is curious about quality Australian produce. A key harvest time of the Aussie Blood Orange is September, meaning the fruit is perfectly timed for the Halloween market in America which starts promotions up to 6 weeks in advance. Pinnacle Fresh came to Hello Mellow to help them develop the perfect ‘blood-sucking-baddie’ to be the blood orange mascot for the creepiest time on the US calendar – Dracula himself.

The launch of Dracula Blood Oranges

The Dracula brand was so well received in the US market that it sparked an idea that the Dracula brand could span an entire citrus range linked by the phrase ‘wickedly healthy’ and a family of Dracula related characters.

The brand

Dracula is the prototypical vampire, the ‘grand-daddy’ of blood suckers and the name-sake mascot that kicked off the Dracula Citrus range. The challenge we faced was developing a cheeky, fun-loving, blood laden horror icon holding a product that was still enticing to eat. His image needed to be unmistakably ‘Dracula’ but in a way that was Halloween fun rather than Bram Stoker horror. We landed on a Dracula character that was ghoulish in a way that was fun spirited, not creepy but unmistakably Dracula.

Brand success

Promotional efforts, like bold visual merchandising in store and take-home recipe cards, led to an uplift in customer engagement, while a strong brand presence set the brand apart from rival growers giving the Dracula Citrus range a competitive advantage. For these efforts the brand received positive feedback from all links in the supply chain.

The Dracula Citrus brand led to confident responses from supply partners, filling a gap in the Halloween market for healthy treats and boasting an overall 
sales increase in all markets.

Awarded PMA’s marketer of the year award (2020) and Citrus Australia’s 
“brand innovation” award (2020)

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