Monbulk Brewery

Mr Monbulk knows beer

Mr Monbulk is a man of many talents and when it comes to perfecting a boutique beer, he’s the local you go to!

A Premium brand for a premium boutique beer

You can brew the most amazing pale ale, lager or IPA on the planet but if your beer label doesn’t have a strong shelf presence amongst the swarm of boutique beers on the market, it doesn’t stand a chance!

The brand represents its creator, a beer-loving chemical engineer dedicated to refining the cleanest brewing processes. So much so did he love his beer that he started to grow a hoppy beard to match. The result is a range of perfected session beers destined to suit the fussiest of beer connoisseurs.

Oh, and yes we have sampled the beer and its LIQUID GOLD!

Mrs Monbulk may be on her way!

And why should Mr Monbulk have all the fun?

Watch this space. There are plans to expand the brand into ciders and pre-mixed spirits. Character development is underway to suit the existing range.

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