Frasers Property

‘Our Risk Standards’

Frasers Property Australia developed ‘Our Risk Standards’ to prevent serious incidents and fatalities as a result of the industry’s most common hazards and associated high risks. A simple and effective delivery method was needed to clearly communicate ‘Our Risk Standards’ to new team members during their induction and they asked us to help. Awesome!

We suggested the use of real employees as voice talent. A move that empowered the workforce and saved the client some budget.

A workplace hit!

We developed a series of ten animated videos based around common activities performed by the workforce e.g. ‘Working at Height’ or ‘Excavation’. The animations we created clearly and simply communicate the hazards, required compliance and associated controls used to mitigate risk for each activity. Feedback from Frasers Property Australia tells us that “the introduction of Our Risk Standards has been well received and embraced across the business since their release in April 2019. While they mainly relate to constructions activities, the entire business has welcomed a more progressive way of managing risk”.

Dean Jackson

Frasers Property Group

Having worked with Hello Mellow on many briefs across different organisations. I have found they always seek to understand the organisation, target audience as well as the specific task.  They are easy to work with and deliver high quality product.

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