A fresh start

The Australian Gun Safety Alliance (AGSA) was established in October 2017 to improve gun safety in communities across Australia. They realised quickly that there were limitations to their website and that their branding was not representative of who they are. They needed our help to refresh their brand and build a website that would allow them flexibility to manage their content easily and quickly

During the design thinking phase, UI was delivered as a high-fidelity interactive wireframe prototype for approval so that navigation as well as design could be tested to capture changes before code stage.

Better all around

Improved key user navigation, clear and dynamic content and simplified navigation caters to the needs of our key audience, helping them find the information they need in less clicks.

New graphics and a lighter and brighter colour palette positioned AGSA in a more positive light, focussing on hope for a better future.

Seamless integration with Flywheel hosting, a robust custom CMS and added mailchimp subscription support
meant that AGSA now have the ability to independently edit the site’s content, allowing them to campaign quickly during particular elections as well as engage advocates and influence media.

Specialists in high and low fidelity UI prototyping

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