More than a refresh…

ArtsHub asked us to give their brand a fresh look and improved online user experience that aligned with their brand values and industry focus – brand truth, arts insight and cultural meaning.

Being part of the arts community and avid readers of their publication boosted the love we already felt for the brand. We tackled this project with elated enthusiasm and the knowledge that our peers will be silently judging our design choices. Best we get it right, eh?!

After much thinking, 
many iterations and testing of various ideas 
we came back around 
full circle, literally.

The circle is a universal symbol with many meanings – totality, fluidity, movement, completeness and even the Self. In some cultures, concentric circles represent community or a meeting place.

The brand graphic was created using concentric circles (circles with a common centre or circles within circles). By intersecting and reconnecting the circles at various points, we created the image of ‘the artist’.

Read by over 120k visitors every month, ArtsHub is a major resource to the creative arts community when looking for news, jobs, grants and education.

Mark Armstrong


Such a great design team! We’ve been blessed to be able to work with Ben, Ness and the team over the last year on a complete upgrade of the branding, design, UX, tech stack & publishing platform for both ArtsHub & ScreenHub.

Specialists in UI prototyping

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