Thingsat Rebrand

When lots of moving parts come together.

Business can be complicated. Many moving parts can take your focus away from what’s important. People. Technology is constantly evolving. Thingsat bring it all together for you by offering an easy and seamless solution to your team’s work platform.

Premium Styleguide

The Thingsat styleguide was created to ensure the consistency of the Thingsat brand representation through all marketing, advertising, promotional and other materials that utilise the Thingsat mark. The guidelines are designed to assist in protecting and enhancing the Thingsat Brand.

Brand pattern

The shape assets were developed to allow the client to expand them into infographics and backgrounds. The dynamic shapes can be incorporated with technology and people. This brings depth, trust and simplicity to the brand

Ashlee Franklin


Loved working with the team at Hello Mellow to achieve such a strong new look and can’t wait to launch the new website very soon!

Clever Campaigns

A well considered styleguide gives you the opportunity to expand the brand consistently, creating a stronger awareness, no matter what the campaign direction may be. Take this beautiful beer can promo we designed based on the DaaS (Device as a Service) service ThingsAt provide.

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