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Branding, UI/UX Design & Digital Marketing in Geelong – The Mellow Way.

Hello Mellow combines unparalleled technical virtuosity with brash creative thinking and a funky groove to infuse your brand with personality and vitality – on and off-line.

It’s a great time to do business in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

However, the world has changed. More than ever, a powerful, engaging brand and digital presence are indispensable, even for local businesses.

What is Hello Mellow

Mellow is a state of mind that puts people, health & happiness at the centre of everything we do. It’s about letting the creative vibe flow but never resting until every pixel is pure perfection. Whether it’s a rebrand that stops people in their tracks, packaging that sends product flying off the shelves, or a breathtaking digital presence, Hello Mellow puts the Human firmly back into branding and design.


Why Geelong & Bellarine?

The truth is, we never really left the Bellarine Peninsula. We grew up here. While Melbourne was home base for many years, we always split our time. After too long in the rat race, we were done with the stress and the bustle. Besides, have you ever tried surfing on Port Phillip Bay? We decided it was time for a change. It was time for something more…Mellow. So, we rebranded, reinvented and relocated to focus our passion, creativity and flair on a part of the world we love.

Things We’re Really Good At

We’ve never tried to be everything to everyone. It’s not our style. However, take a peek into our bag of tricks, and you’ll find some things that we like to think we do pretty darned well:

Some of Our Secret Super Powers

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with amazing clients on projects that have taken us to places we never envisaged. Along the way, we’ve developed sublimely specialised skills in some unexpected niches:

  • Property: Commercial, Residential, Investing and everything in between
  • Packaging: Nobody will forget your brand again
  • Health & Safety: Clear, precise communication is crucial to a healthy, safe workplace
  • Human Centred Design: Putting people at the heart of the design process

Feel Like Your Brand or Digital Presence Could Use a Bit More Mellow?

We’d love to talk to you, so we can get to know your business, understand your pain points and nail down your target audience: no hard sell, no marketing speak or technical jargon. Just our people, chatting with your people about how they can communicate better with the right kind of people. If your business is based in Geelong, Bellarine or the Surf Coast, we’re right here and ready to help you thrive.

Sound good? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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